SAP is a de-facto ERP/CRM system used by most global manufacturer and suppliers in the world. And with the fast adoption of cloud system by IT organisations, we are working with a major supplier to deploy an IT asset management system that integrate with their SAP system.


A major automotive parts manufacturer is using an ERP system that went end of life.
They did not plan to replace it, nor they could get support from their vendor. Smart Waves offered to do the support, customisation, help desk support for 5 years until customer rolled out to a new system.


A major RFID devices manufacturer were planning to expand their market into Japan. It was clear to them that without proper compliance to Japanese regulations no local vendor is willing to talk to them. They turned to us, we helped them understand Japan radio regulations and managed their market entry from design verification all the way to certification.

Microwave Communication

A global telecommunication firms is exploring to expand their microwave communication business into japan market. We helped them understand Japanese market from both regulatory and operational perspectives.

Trading Infra

Customers often come to us asking if we can be a one-stop shop for them to setup their infrastructure for trading in Japan market. We purchase DC space, connectivity, server and network gears, setup, test and handover. We keep providing vendor management as well as smart hands for them.


A major trading firm in Europe asked us to look into their existing global network and see if we can optimize it given our experience and relationship with major carriers in Japan. After 3 weeks of review with their network team and their vendors, we managed to improve their latency on half of their links to Tokyo, and helped them reduce 25% of their total cost without loosing on any of the links' capacity.

Sales Agent

A German car parts manufacturer was looking for a sales agent to introduce their products to major Japanese engine makers. Although this is not our major industry, we reached out to our partners and managed to meet a reliable sales agent with a great experience in the field and introduced our customer to potential buyers in Japan.

Local Transactions

It is very common in Japan that local companies avoid doing transactions with non-residents: Contract, billing, shipping. We provided all transactions on behalf of our customer and helped them do a successful business with their local customers. This not only helped our non-resident customer to do business in Japan, it also helped the local vendor to expand their business and reach out to us for further introductions.

Domestic SME to expand

Japanese SME customers are feeling the pressure and need to expand and gain footprint outside Japan. Our team of experts are fully multi-cultural with a global network helped Japanese customer to explore emerging markets mainly Africa and middle east. We have partners in major countries that facilitate and help us and our Japanese customers to visit and explore in their respective markets.


Few of our small size customers came to us for ideas and coaching on product positioning, sales performance. We initiated regular sessions with marketing, development and sales teams and brain-stormed together on how to position the product, draw SWAT analysis for the product and companies, and suggest SMART actions. The results were amazing for each of them. We used our De-TAGA approach to drive their team find the solution.