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You've got unique needs,........ We've got experts to help.

Whether you're building a world-class Telecommunication network service  or planning to expand into Japan market, staring up a small office, we're here to make your job easier. Smart Waves Professional Services will work with you one-on-one to tailor a solution to your unique needs.

IT Services

Our IT professional services span a large window of IT managers needs, and is tailored to meet  specific and unique needs of your organisation. Below are examples of what we can provide:

Hardware procurement, installation, monitoring and support
Relocation support and vendor management
RFI, RFP, RFQ  Management
Telco and Data center lease and management
Project management
Change management/SLA management.

Business Process Management

Due Diligence

IT Process and workflow  design and optimisation.

Market Entry Services

Whether you plan to market a new product, you are exploring the start of a new business or a solution in Japan, or looking for a partner, we can help you navigate through the business and compliance systems in Japan.

We help you to  understand local regulations, apply and comply with these rules before you invest in expensive partnerships, development, or local setup.

 How we can help

Walk you through local standards( Radio, Safety, Telco, etc...)
Advise you on the right design and how to position your product/solution
Design verification, testing, documentation, filing and support
Introduce to local partners and distributors

Financial Industry Services

Trading on Japan market is very different from those in the US, Europe, Singapore/HK or Korea. While Japan tend to be easier than most of neighbouring Asian countries, it is still difficult and expensive to trade on Japan market compared to the US and Europe where trading on these markets is rather transparent and straightforward.

We understand very well how capital markets work and what is driving international players in exploring new opportunities and tapping into new markets. Locally, We are well connected to brokers, Telco and Data center operators, technology vendors, and we know better than anyone how we can address capital market needs and how to get things done.

We helped our customers to:

Understand about Tax and permanent establishment rules in Japan
Find the optimal DC location or absolute minimum-latency access to a given trading venue
Facilitate and manage local Telco and technology vendors
Hire local resources
Carry out research, feasibility study, and due diligence
Deploy and manage different levels of infrastructure

Below are examples of what we can provide, please let us know what is your need.

DC and Connectivity

Be it DC consolidation, network management and optimisation, migration, infrastructure deployment and management, we can do it for you.

As Telecom carrier without any legacy network handicap, we can always design and build the best solution for you by picking up the best available path that meets you capacity, latency, and budget.

Smart Hands

We tailored this service to meet specific needs of traders on japan capital market who do not have IT resources in Japan, We offer: 

Onsite/offsite technical assistance and troubleshooting
Equipment installations and configurations
Racking, pre-wiring of patch panels and equipment
Interface card removal, installation and configuration
Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting
Hardware removal, shipping, and receiving.