Management Consulting

We believe that none provides a better solution than own people. The experience of each individual with the business, products and services, process, customer and, equally important, the history of each of these, entitle them with an unmatched power  and advantage to solve any issue in the organization.   However, these individuals need an environment and a catalyser to unleash their creativity and put it in action for the team and the company.

 We set the environment and we provide the catalyser that unlocks your organisation power!


Transformation, Expansion

Performance Management

Product and Service Development

Typical Engagements 

  • Organization transformation
  • IT Performance optimization
  • Sales Performance: sales process and organization
  • Sales Performance: Portfolio management, funnel management, KPI’s
  • New Product/Service development
  • Risk Management.
  • Relocation and expansion.
  • New design, branding, etc.


Our methodology, baptized De-TAGA, is a group thinking approach that consists of using the collective imagination and participation to solve any issue.
We used it for new product development, Kaizen exercises, cost reduction, marketing, sales improvement, etc.…

Our approach is inspired and based on Innovative Thinking System ® developed by Business Consultant Inc. 

The exercise consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1: Eliminate the THINKING HOOPS (TAGA*), the self-limiting thinking that blocks creativity of people in the organization.

These hoops are the only limit of individual’s creativity and can be a result of prejudice, fear, shyness, or simply no time to think out of the box.

We set the stage for people from different layers of the organization, show them the principles and help them to get into a creative thinking and collaboration environment.

Stage 2: Unleash the power of thinking: This is where everyone gets his imagination to work. Individuals will have the opportunity to put their ideas and thoughts into practice regardless of their rank, experience in the company, or subject matter expertise.

In this stage we get hundreds of ideas (depending on the size of the team), from which we distill the most applicable and relevant to the situation.

Stage 3:  This is the most important stage where we distill further the ideas in stage 2 and move on to a more realistic business case and action plan for the implementation and measurement. Stage 3 distinguishes our approach from many other approaches that stop short before the idea's implementation.  

Innovation is: Idea + Implementation.

 The approach works for teams as small as 2 people, and can get results even over a couple of hours workshop, and works as well for teams of dozens of people over few days workshops.

It can be a one-time exercise to solve a given issue, or a regular practice for kaizen and new development.

We recommend it to be a part of the organization culture to carry out any exercises aimed at Kaizen, new development, performance management, etc.

(*) TAGA is a Japanese word and refers to the wire/rope used to tight sake and rice barrels, and used here to refer to “mental locks” and “inside-the-box thinking”. De-TAGA refers to loosening or removing the TAGA.